Shipping and Fulfillment 

The Oregon Subaru Club online store is ran on a voluntary basis. This means that orders sometime take a little bit of time to be fulfilled. That being said a standard turnaround time for an order can be anywhere between 1-20 days. You will receive a shipping notification once your order has been fulfilled.

Depending on the shipping option you selected you may or may not have tracking information for your order. Sometimes after an order is fulfilled and it has tracking it might stay in limbo IE USPS states there is no data for that tracking number. This is due to the package not being dropped off yet at the post office.  

Shipping Options

Due to the limitations of the website structure we have had to get creative with our shipping options. What this means is that you as a customer have the option of selecting some shipping options during checkout that could lead to us canceling your order. So please know what options are available to you during checkout.

Shipping Rates:

USPS First Class Without Tracking ($3.00):

This option is ONLY to be used when ordering decals. This option however is not to be used if you are ordering any Kanji decal as we have to ship those in a large box/envelope as to not damage the item. If you have any other items within your order like a hat, water bottle or clothing you CANNOT select this shipping option. If you select this option and we are unable to to fulfill the order due to not following the conditions stated above your order will be canceled. 

USPS Priority Mail With Tracking ($7.00 +):

This option is to be used if you have a Kanji Decal in your cart or you would like to track your order. The cost of this option is based upon the weight of your shipment but has a minimum cost of $7.00. This is your only option when ordering any of our clothing, hats or water bottles.