Time flies by, I never expected to be a part of something so great. My experience with Oregon Subaru Club has greatly expanded in the last several months while being a part of the group.

My first knowledge of the group was through Sara Yates, here in the Southern Oregon Chapter around mid-summer time of 2017. I have owned my Subaru for just shy of a year now and I've been on a lot of adventures and missed some as well. However, I am always looking forward to the next meet, event or cruise. I’m hoping for another Bridge of the Gods cruise, beach cruise and Club Barbeque here in 2018.

In a year’s time, I've enjoyed spotting cars, helping set up events and cruises, and learning more and more about Subaru's. There's definitely been a lot of positive changes with my car, and I'm hoping to continue the drive and make her better and better. I certainly have seen a positive environment in the Club, almost like family, and that is why I will always be involved as much as I can in every possible way. I appreciate the support in a way I can’t describe, and I look forward to making my way up the state with some of us core members in the Southern Oregon Chapter.

Wesley Horn