Club Dues Informational Guide

It had been our hope to not enact club dues for many years. However due to the rapid change of the club and what our members expect from their experience we have made the decision to put it up to a vote. The Board of Directors and Club Officer Team unanimously approved the concept of having club dues. This is where you all step in. We are putting it to a club vote, meaning you as a member of the OSC will be making the decision. So please complete the 2018 Club Survey.

Currently the club is stuck in a loop of bringing in money that goes towards new merchandise, then we sell said merchandise and have to rinse and repeat. The club was not created to be a merchandise brand or warehouse. The club was created to have a positive impact on our community and the entire state of Oregon. To break this loop we need to create a new revenue stream to help focus on the future of the club and actually making a difference in our communities. As a club we would like more than anything to be able to donate more money, and provide more resources to organizations and individuals in need.

Financial forecast through

October 2019 with Dues included


Step 1: Apply for our 501c3 Exception from the IRS. Then register as a Non-profit in the state of Oregon.

Step 2: Stockpile funds for emergency usage and saving for step three.

Step 3: Obtain a lease on a physical location that can be the OSC clubhouse/HQ.

This webpage has been created to provide context as to how we would go about using club dues to help fund the clubs future as well as providing information to help all members make an informed decision on wether or not they are in favor of enacting club dues or not.


Member = Someone who pays dues to gain more access and support the club.

Participant = Someone who is only a part of the Facebook Group or a community member who is not paying club dues for extra access.


What will not change

Both members and participants will always have access to our base decal set including the kanji logo decal. You will also not need to be a paid member to attend most club events including, cruises, meets, etc. Also all participants will remain welcome in the OSC Facebook Group and Chapter Groups.


Memebrship Perks

  • Membership Portal Access

  • Member only Annual Event

  • Discounts at more businesses

  • Access to member only merchandise

Future Perks depending on membership numbers:

  • Clubhouse access to member only area

  • Shop access and usage priority

  • Discounted track days

  • Other special vehicle focused events


Membership Options and Timeline

We are going to have two different membership options:

  • Annual

  • Monthly

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer a family package as our system does not allow for us to create multiple users within the system with one payment. Also it is our plan to eventually offer a scholarship program for those participants that would like to become members but cannot afford to do so.

Due to the elevated needs that will take place once we open membership if it is approved by the current club members, we will be limiting how many participants we add as club members to maintain a high level of satisfaction. Below you will find our proposed rollout timeline.

January: Release for the first batch of memberships (100 available)

February: Release of batch two of memberships (200 available | 300 total memberships)

March: Release of batch three of memberships (200 available | 500 total memberships)

April: Release of batch four of memberships (300 Available | 800 total memberships)

May: Release of batch five of memberships (300 Available | 1,100 total memberships)

June: Release of batch six of memberships (300 Available | 1,400 total memberships)

July: Release of batch seven of memberships (300 Available | 1,700 total memberships)

August: Release of batch eight of memberships (300 Available | 2,000 total memberships)

We will continue to open up 300 new memberships a month or as deemed necessary to meet demand.

Facebook Group Membership Level

Profit & Loss